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inSync Integrated FM Systems

Businesses today need efficient and effective systems that provide better functionality and transparency to the running of their business. CMMS, or computerised maintenance management systems allow users to keep a record of all assets and equipment, schedule and track maintenance activities and keep a record of all works performed.

The inSync system provides customers and suppliers with their own portals, dashboards and mobile apps that are fully integrated with the inSync system for the facilities manager. Supporting instant messages and updates between all parties and enabling very efficient handling of all the customers needs.





inSync Integrated FM System

The complete management system that incorporates all the tools and reports a Facilities Management company needs. Providing a powerful back-end system to all thier customers and suppliers requirements.

Customer Portals & Dashboard

Portals that allow management of properties at corporate level, to a single property manager level. For upto the minute information the dashboard provides a live visual display of all properties as updates happen.

Supplier Portal & Mobile App

The portal has a priority driven managenment dashboard and tools that provide instant updates on job/quote/recall status and info. With the mobile application automating worksheet completion and status updates.

Customer Portal

Track progress. 24/7

Designed for head office property maintenance departments and regional or area managers, our Customer Portal enables the user to track all works in progress and produce management information and KPI reports through the integrated Reporting Suite. It’s the all-seeing eye across all your facilities.


  • Track all works from creation to completion
  • Add notes, comments and questions to any works
  • Download information to excel
  • View status of all Compliance / Planned works
  • Download Compliance certificates and Job Sheets
  • Create new jobs and quotes
  • Extensive report creation
    Management Information - Daily/Weekly Job Reports - Quote Status - WIP - Compliance - Call Management - Custom reports
Client Portal
client property portal

Property Portal

Delegate Control

Our simple to use, modular format can be tailored to a users specific requirements. Developed for individual property managers, our Site Portal offers a host of features to keep track of ongoing works.


  • Create job and quote requests
  • Track on-going works and add comments etc.
  • View the properties compliance status
  • Download compliance certificates
  • View maintenance costs
  • Capabilities (cost limits etc.) defined by head office


Being in the moment

Our dashboard/wallboard enables the user to get an up-to-the-minute, live overview of current works. The real time capability ensures users can see the status of works evolve and change, alongside their estates compliance status.


  • Live view of real time works logged/completed
  • Highlights High-Priority and Critical Works
  • Continuous view of overall estates compliance
client wallboard

Supplier Portal

Managing Expectations

This is the portal for Service Delivery Partners, who need to track, update and manage all their works in progress. The clear and simple dashboard enables users to see what works are outstanding and prioritise jobs to make sure targets (KPI's) are met.


  • Highlights works due to be updated
  • Task based works system:
    • Add ETA’s
    • Completing Works
    • Uploading photos, job sheets, invoices etc.
  • Manage work scheduling using the ETA calendar
  • Manage work using location maps
  • Keep up to date with health and safety
Supplier Portal
Safepartner mobile app

Safepartner Mobile App

Be in control. Whatever

Service delivery partners manage site visits via our App ensuring a consistent approach and that important health and safety questions are completed. Seamless integration with the inSYNC database allows true 24/7 real time updating which is reflected immediately across all inSYNC modules.


  • Record on and off site times
  • Create job sheets and risk assessments
  • Add before and after photos
  • Customer signature capture for work sign off
  • Job status update with instant notification

With a wide range of capabilities, inSYNC will change the way you and your business manage maintenance.

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